Occupational & Medical Physiotherapy

You might need occupational physiotherapy if you are experiencing issues that arise from:

They can generally be categorised into physical or chemically induced injuries. Physical injuries can range from minor hand/finger injuries to more severe injuries and disability whereas chemically induced injuries can be slow in development but more serious.

Spinal related problems range from...

  • Headaches
  • Migraines
  • Lower Back Pain

The spine consists of vertebral discs and synovial fluid which, during injury/strain can be inflamed eliciting pain around the spine or referring symptoms to the peripheral limbs (arms and legs).

spinal problems fixed by occupational physiotherapy

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How can you improve your work ergonomic?

standing posture helps with occupational physiotherapy

In recent years, occupational health physiotherapists have engaged and worked with employers to tackle work-related postural strain. 

This has resulted in slight change in office work culture, such as the design of bespoke multifunctional and adjustable work stations that can reduce the risks of repetitive injury which are increased or are aggravated by prolonged sitting/standing.

David Gitonga Physio Haywards Heath

At David Physio & Sports Clinic, we use our expertise and experience to advise patients on how they can improve situations caused by occupational injuries.